Why Get Certified As a Life and Relationship Coach?

Once you’ve made the decision to become a certified life and relationship coach, it’s very important to understand and agree to a school that is in alignment with the same philosophy and methodology you agree with. The world needs extra hands on deck that are skilled and trained otherwise you may not have many experiences and world views except your own which could be clogged by a filter or a one way lense meaning my way or the highway philosophy. There are people that are hopeless, overwhelmed and flat-out disappointed with life and we are here to help lift them up, support and guide them through their past and current challenges.


Society is dealing with lack of self-love and even lack of love for others however we are here to create an impact in the world and leave a legacy of intense commitment to stand in the world of compassion, hope and wholesome heartfelt and genuine love and respect for all.

It’s not enough to just have the desire to help people but it is definitely a plus.

Coaching is unregulated and you don’t need any specific requirements in terms of education or experience however when working with Black Online Therapy we feel there are some extra skills that are needed to make an impact in the world that you just don’t get from many schooling if that were the case as many college graduates there are in the world, we still have tons of unsuccessful relationships and self worth..

We need people to have listening skills, communication skills, understanding different cultures without judgment, passion to serve humanity, the desire to inspire and most of all spiritual principles that help people succeed in life.

Here are our core elements of our methodology and hopefully you align or begin to align with our principles. None of these are in the order of importance because they’re all equally as important.

When it comes to certifying your skills as a Life and Relationship Coach, it’s important you are willing to embody and commitment to learning from people that love and support people who cares about the best interests of humanity without judgment.

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