Black Couples In Business Mastermind

Going into business with your spouse is a beautiful thing. It can bring joy, happiness, smiles and laughter, time spend together, weekly lunch dates, generational wealth, a family business eventually and an amazing income together…… UNTIL… someone doesn’t know how to stay in their lane or someone doesn’t know how to keep up and becomes a slacker…Then What?

Well instead of closing shop or continuing to argue you need some guidance… Let Me Help You!

If you can master:

Who Is This For:

  • Couples that are new to business together.
  • Couples that understand the value in working
  • Couples that has income goals and hasn’t been
    able to reach their goals.
  • Couples that want to leave a legacy and is
    committed to the guidance needed.
  • Not after to invest in themselves to get to where
    they need to go.

Who Is This NOT For:

This course is NOT for every couple and all money isn’t good money!!!!

  • If you do respect each other over on the personal side of your lives.
  • If you’re not willing to learn boundaries.
  • If you are never wrong and always right about everything.
  • If you are not coachable.
  • If you both do NOT have the same of similar goals for the business.
  • You’re wanting to join just to blame the other spouse instead of seeing what you both can possibly improve.


In This 8 Weeks We will Cover


Black Couples in Business Mastermind is a 8 week group course for married couples that are wanting to start a business together or increase their revenues in their current business, and need help.

It’s an 8 week course usually on a Tuesday evening.

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