What If You Were Able to Heal Yourself, Your Current Circumstances and Your Relationships

That’s what you’ll learn over 2 days during our
Heal With Me Now Intensive
Dec 22-23 | 9 AM – 2 PM CST

What’s Unique About This?

Instead of continuing to feel invisible, voiceless, misunderstood no matter how many times
you say something or feeling alone absolutely does not feel good at all.
But what if you can start creating and have
control over what you truly desire?

What’s In It For You?

When you are able to feel better about yourself and certain about reaching your desired goals and repairing your relationships, more blessings and desirable outcomes will
begin to open up in your life.
When you heal your heart, work on yourself, and gain a clear plan and don’t get weary,
your life will change drastically.
What will you do once you gain more happiness and reach a higher goal for yourself?
Will you reach back and help pull your friends and family, the ones you truly love.


Not feeling seen, heard or valued causes people to lash out because they are sad, they feel lonely or depressed, which causes meanness and aggression or to shy
away and self isolate. Both are slow injuries to harm reactions. 
I have been able to get people from what many experience, not many close personal friendships, no intimate relationships and depression to thriving, open hearted
and willing to do the necessary work to becoming happier and
healthier mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Most people think once something is broken it’s unrepairable. That’s so far from the truth. In fact, most of us weren’t taught how to improve our lives but to blame, shame and hurt the other person before they hurt you. 
Our natural instinct is to protect ourselves from others so we don’t feel the same trauma again we’ve felt in the past.
Sometimes that protection, defensiveness and things we hide actually hurt the people we love on so many levels. 

Who’s to Blame?

It’s not your fault you weren’t taught how to communicate properly. 
It’s not your fault as you get older you’re looking for purpose and passion and you haven’t found it.
It’s not your fault you half listen, you interrupt people while they are talking or not caring about how you make others feel while you vomit all over them saying mean things that hurt their feelings.
Nope, none of that is your fault. Up until now you had no way of knowing this was a problem and you have the ability to create anything you want for your life and your relationships.


There are millions of people hurting, sad and in pain. Families are torn apart and continue to stay broken. No one is fighting for the solution. You walk around everyday thinking your moving forward but instead you are just going through the motions feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and alone like nobody understands you.
You don’t have to go into the new year with the same hurts, pains and secrets you’ve been dealing with the last 2, 10, 20 years. 
It’s time you become renewed, start the healing process and soon you will be able to invite people to the new and improved you. 


I’ve now been married for 24 years and have raised 7 children. I surely thought about filing for divorce at one point. I remember waking up in the middle of the night thinking this shit is not working. I felt lost, broken and I had nothing emotionally left to give.  needed to find happiness and joy in my life. I needed to spend time figuring out myself. (Maybe that’s where you are now).
 Now my husband and I are excited, we’re still standing strong together and glad we didn’t give up, even when we felt like it.
We’re both happier now and what we realized was there were changes we both needed to make.
Let’s be honest nobody knows everything about self-love, parenting, marriage or how to be a better yourself without opening up and allowing someone to come in and guide you along the path.


We will teach you for 2 days how to work on yourself so you can begin working on the relationships with the people you love the most. 
Working on yourself allows you to create what you feel is missing in your life. Rather it’s the feelings of emptiness, sadness, no friendships, unfulfilled, anger or disappointment, you can actually turn everything around.
There is no need to keep silently suffering. In fact, if you commit to this process you will see your life change drastically.


If you’re a VIP ticket holder,you get access to Q&A on our 2 day live intensive training so you can get your questions answered about your life and current situations. You also get access to a Whatsapp group for 7 days to further your questions and 
General admission gives you access to the live 2 day training.
Below is the comparison between the VIP ticket and general admission.


$ 397
  • Access to Live Training (9am cst- 3pm CST)
  • Workbook to follow along
  • Access to Live Q&A (With Live Hotseats)
  • Q&A time during the event
  • Whatsapp discussion access to 7 days
  • After live event is over


$ 97
  • Access to Live Training (9am cst- 3pm CST)
  • Workbook to follow along
  • Access to Live Q&A (With Live Hotseats)
  • Q&A time during the event
  • Whatsapp discussion access to 7 days
  • After live event is over

What Do I Have to Lose?

If you’re still reading and not signed up yet, here’s our GUARANTEE.

ATTEND FOR the first 2 hours and if you don’t like what you hear or you think it’s a waste of time, let me know and I will REFUND your money, no questions asked

(and of course you don’t need to attend the rest of the 2 days)

You literally have nothing to lose but everything to gain!