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Parent Life Coaching Intensive

With parenting being a daunting task we know there is no set way to raising children. With all the different personalities in the family along with these new modern age teens and millennials coupled with new age parenting some things has to change or be willing to compromise… And We Can Assist!

Working With The Other Parent May Be Difficult


Poor Self Control


Poor Time Management

Unwilling to Compromise


Poor Communication

Not Acceptance


& More

There are real issues parents face that are underlining and need to be addressed.

As we raise children we have to look inside ourselves to see if our intentions are genuine. If we are bringing our baggage into the raising of our children and if we are willing to do whatever it takes to remove drama and toxic behaviors.



Bad Experiences



No Faith

Giving Up On Life And/Or Our Children

Now is the best time to deal with working on becoming a better you! PLEASE Don’t put this off another day.

  • Most parents never communicate with the other parent their goals for the child/ren.
  • Most parents never set reasonable boundaries (together) that don’t feel like they are being controlled by the other parent.
  • Most parents don’t find mutual respect for each other because they are constant in the (how they feel) mode. Instead, the best thing is what’s best for the child!


To create a possibility that working together verses against each other has a better outcome now and in the long run.

  • Parents that think they are right about EVERYTHING!
  • If you are uncoachable
  • If you blame everything on the other parent
  • If you never listen or can’t take constructive criticism
  • You make excuses for anything instead of taking responsibility
  • Not concerned about the child’s needs and wants, your only concern is making the other parent miserable.

This is a weekly group course that we have quarterly

  • This program is for individuals that are genuinely wanting the best for their children.
  • Parents that are coachable and willing to learn more about themselves and how to properly understand and handle the other parent in a respectful manner.
  • Parents that are willing to shift how they parents to get better results versus the control or manipulation methods (If applicable)

This is a 6 week group masterclass and at the end
of the class you will receive a completion of parenting

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February 7, 2022 – March 21, 2022

June 6, 2022 – July 18, 2022

October 3, 2022 – November 21, 2022