A Private, Exclusive and Intense Coaching Sessions For Individuals That
Need Personal and/or Professional Mentorship So You Can Uplevel Your Life!!

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A Private, Exclusive and Intense Coaching Sessions For Individuals That Need Personal and/or Professional Mentorship So You Can Uplevel Your Life

This one on one private virtual experience is for individuals committed to their next level, their healing and the support needed to make live changing upgrades. 6 -(45) minute laser focused intense calls over 2 months. Come On, Let’s Get It!

Wheeeew chile, I understand where you are coming from.

Life can be full of decisions, full of boss moves and whatever decisions you make you’ll pay dearly negatively or positively.

You’re a brilliant person, A bold thinker and a person that’s ready to make an impact in the world, especially in YOUR world, first! You’re the real deal.

You are ready to get your life on track. No more playing around. It’s time you make the right choices, connect with the right people, begin to clean up your environment and become the best version of yourself.

Maybe you’ve been spinning your wheels for a few years. You’ve tried to be the best you can but you seem to attract people, jobs or things that are not good for you.

You feel bad things keep entering your life and you are ready to make some changes.

Maybe you’re not healed from your childhood traumas and don’t even realize the impact it’s having in your life?

Or maybe you’re still holding on to your past when someone hurt you or did you wrong and you are trying your best to avoid having to ever bring that conversation up, everrrr!

Meanwhile, your life is in shambles and you are tired of being sick and tired. You feel like life isn’t supposed to be this hard! Hell, for others it looks like they have it all going on and life seems so easy for other people. You feel like you’re getting life’s bad end of the stick.

Here’s the bad news:

If you don’t get help and the support you need, things might continue to stay the same and you may still feel this way a year from now or even three years from now.

Here’s the good news:

There’s an easier and better way. Let me help you get to whatever goals you are visioning. There is no reason to keep sitting on the sideline and never achieving your dreams.


Here’s the truth:

You can not create the life you want if your mindset is constantly doubting yourself. If your attitude needs improving. If your habits aren’t steps that will get you to the finish line. If you don’t have detailed and tangible action steps that get you to your goals.

And so what if you don’t know everything you need to know. And so what if you’ve tried over and over
and over to be great! And so what if everyone else around you is doing amazing.

None of that shit matters. It’s time you make a decision to get the support you need to get your life on track. All you need is the right guidance, continued support and actionable items that you can begin to implement immediately to get you on your way!

That’s Why You Hire Coach Aerica to be in your corner for 6 weeks! #PERIOD

Stop settling for less because you deserve everything you can vision

I know it’s terrifying to invest in yourself. But it’s costing you more by staying on the sideline scoping others out everyday and not standing in your power!

Private Mentorship with me gives you the highest value and a faster road to success. The price point
might seem high however you are getting the best, FOR the best (that’s you)!

When it comes to strategizing your individual goals, relationship goals and professional goals and identifying your needs and wants for your life, nothing else even comes close to one-on-one coaching. The question isn’t whether the investment is worth it—the question is if you believe YOU are worth it.

If your answer to that question is HECK YES, don’t wait a minute longer. Hit that Pay Now button so we can schedule your first session.