Understanding Each Other And
Communicating With Respect Is The Hard Part!
Let’s Find The Root Of Your Issues And Go
From There?

This Is For You If:


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An private, intensive and exclusive coaching experience – For married couples committed to whatever it takes to build a strong foundation. 9 – Hours over 90 days, one-on-one laser coaching for your specific current challenges directly with Master Marriage Mentor, Aerica Karriem

You woke up many mornings and said this shit has to change!

This is not how you intended your marriage should be.

You were supposed to be in love, raising your children together, on the same page and making each other smile, traveling and experiencing the world together.

Somehow, you’ve ended up here! Angry with each other. Annoyed at everything each other does. You’re shouting to the top of your lungs, cursing each other out. Saying hurtful things and disrespecting each other.

But the best part? You still love each other but you can’t seem to get past the hurt, pain, lies, blaming, the rejection or whatever the feelings are that keep you
wanting to say enough is enough!

You’ve cried over and over again. In the shower, in your car, on the phone with your friends. You’ve had sleepless nights. Arguments before leaving for work. Arguments at the dinner table. Arguments before bed. Nobody is listening to each other and you damn sure don’t feel heard!

But each of you are confused. You can’t figure out why it’s so hard for you to communicate. You are overwhelmed, frustrated, and you feel your situation is full of stress.

Bottom line: you’re in deep doubt about keeping this marriage together. You’re wondering if you’re even cut out to be a wife/ or a husband or if you will ever find true love—if you’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Believe me, I’ve felt that same frustration, stress, and doubt. So when I tell you marriage is not going to always be peaches and cream. It’s a process nobody is exempt from but it doesn’t mean you need to abandon ship. It means you need to get the proper guidance and support to get you through these trying times.

Let go of the past, and focus on the now

This Is For You If:

  • You’re not seeing eye to eye on small and simple things.
  • You feel like you need to set healthy boundaries with the ones you love the most!
  • You’re ready to find a common solution you all can agree on and live with.
  • You’re ready to learn effective communication, compromise and not be so combative with one another.
  • You’re ready to put all the drama behind you and commit to bigger goals.
  • You’re tired of avoiding conversations that need to be had, you just need someone professional to help intervene.

This is NOT For You If:

  • You already know everything
  • You don’t listen
  • You’re not coachable
  • You don’t really want your marriage to work
  • You don’t love your spouse any longer and your completely done
  • You think everything you do is right

Work With Master Marriage Mentor -Aerica Karriem

Maybe you’re wondering if this program is right for you. If that’s the case, I want to let you in on a secret:

my one on one Marriage Mentor Sessions goes way beyond my other trainings. It focuses on building up the black and brown family. Our deep rooted issues and how to quickly release and begin to love fully again.

When you invest in Marriage Mentorship. with me, you won’t just get general frameworks for building a foundation of your marriage, you’ll work with me, one on one, to intensely customize your unique challenges.

You’ll be getting support from someone that’s been married 23 years and in business since 2014. You’ll get specific feedback on what you’re already doing right in your marriage and what you absolutely need to change immediately.

Most importantly, you won’t have to sit on the phone venting to your loved ones about your spouse. You’ll walk away from your sessions with me confident that you’re creating an amazing relationship that you desire and long lasting.

What’s All Included

9 (45) Minutes attentive listening, strategy, guidance with Master Marriage Mentor Aerica Karriem
A complete & customized strategy tailored to your specific set of current needs and challenges so you can implement immediately- so you can build the unbreakable bond you desire.
Action items that will get you immediate results so you can reach your goals faster.

Your Investment


For your life–changing sessions

Meet Aerica Karriem

Aerica Karriem is a Marriage Mentor, Family Mediator and she loves being the facilitator to repairing and restoring individual and family relationships.

Mrs. Karriem has been married for 23 years and has seven children. She is like an aunt and big sister to the community she influences and people around her. She shares her experiences and wisdom that supports the growth and strength in man-kind.

She has helped thousands of families since 2014. Her no nonsense but loving and caring leadership wants nothing but to see the best come out of you and your environment. Her ultimate goal is to see you have an unbreakable bond, amazing communication that works and share your love with the people you surround yourselves with.

She can’t wait to meet you and see you on the other side!