This is a $25.00 phone call we do daily to answer some of your questions. You actually pick your 1-2 most important challenges you’re going through right now that you would like help on. It could be  self- development or their most pressing issues about your relationships.
After the 10 minutes mark the phone will hang up and I will begin helping the next caller!
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This pop up power hour is for you:

This is NOT for you if:

When You're Going Through A Big Problem You Need Someone
When You Are Down And Out, Stressed, Depressed, Crying, Angry or Your Feelings Are Hurt, You Need Someone

Don't Let $25.00 Stop You From Making Your Day Become Great Or NOT!!!!

Why Did You Say That Coach Aerica?

Because Sometimes I'm Going To Tell You Words of Wisdom Or Spiritual Principles That You May NOT
Want To Hear But It Will Be For Your Best Interest!

Hey, It’s A Call That Can Change Your Life


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We ONLY Can See 6 People Daily