Words From The Founder

You’ve got to admit we’ve got our own perspective of how motherhood, fatherhood, sisterhood should go but sometimes our perspective is destroying ourselves and the very ones you say you love the most.

It could have been because of your upbringing, your experiences or a lot of people are self-taught. Yes I said it, maybe you are self taught but it’s not your fault. Some of us had working parents, drug or alcohol addicted parents, parents that put others before their children, or maybe parents with a mental illness, either way everyone needs the right guidance or leadership to have an effective loving and trustworthy environment. Maybe you had great parents but parents can’t cover all the basis of life, some things will be overlooked. They give you the best they can at the time they have it and sometimes we know it’s not enough but you are still here and you can begin to undo the residue that you are carrying with you.

When we do things for a long period of time we begin to think it’s normal behavior or healthy however it could be destroying your relationships. Most individuals and families have some sort of drama, dysfunction and disconnection so Online Black Therapy (BOT) is here to support you. We have trained, certified and experienced professionals standing by to assist you.

While some of you dread to get help or just merely dislike people in your business because you were taught “what goes in this house stays in the house” the harsh reality is we can only take ourselves and our families as far as we can before we run into a brick wall and eventually you will tear every body apart, then everybody you know will be in your business and asking questions. (Well the ones that care), while the others talk about you behind your back.

As humans, the relationships we form are supposed to empower and impact our lives in a positive way but that doesn’t always work. Nor do we know how to empower and encourage ourselves or others so we can create and maintain great relationships that allows us to give you the tools you need to create happy and healthy relationships.

My team and I want the best for you and your loved ones so we urge that you partner with us and allow us to support you in getting you and your family on good terms and in happy and loving relationships.

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